First Servant Capital Corporation responds to the needs of each client individually. In many cases, a client will just need to buy or sell a business, other situations a client may want to build the value of the business to get a higher premium and sell in a few years time. Maybe just financing for growth or a valuation for succession, whatever the requirement, the needs of the client dictate the mandate; the client is in control.

Our fees can be straight hourly rate or pure success fees or a combination of other alternatives to have perfect goal congruence with the client and FSC.
NFL C we do not have a zero-sum mentality we generate synergies in everything we do so that all players at the table leave with a great experience add more financially prosperous.


Most Common Mandates


Litigation Support

Valuation advisory specialist on tax litigation cases with over $10 million tax and penalty assessments


business transactions

Due diligence procedures, valuation, negotiation for sell/buy-side clients. Obtain financing. Preparation for sale including data room and offering memorandum.


Forensic Accounting

Fraud investigation into companies in which clients had minority interests or shareholders sufficiently apart from internal controls.  Litigate or negotiate settlements securing substantial recoveries. 



Preparation of valuation reports for financing, litigation, and acquisitions. 



Assisted accountants and lawyers in their roles supporting finance, valuation, and financial law aspects of the mandates. 



Most Experience


Insurance Investment

Business Valuation

Financial Reporting

Corporate Finance

Operational Risk Analysis

Corporate Investigations

Productivity Analysis

Corporate Litigation

Succession Planning

Cost Accounting


Financial/Operational Due Diligence

Transfer Pricing