First Servant’s main objective is to increase client’s corporate value. By working with each client, we optimize financial efficiency by lowering the cost of lending both short and long term.


Financial restructuring and rebalancing is essential to maximizing corporate value in any market or business cycle. We represent client needs to banks, private equity and alternative lenders to create growth opportunities in the client’s business. Whether in distress, dispute, operational challenges, new ventures or that sudden deal from heaven, the financing requirements will be met by our financing team.

We also provide comprehensive M&A advisory services to private corporate in the small to mid-market space with revenues typically under $50 million. We create teams with our clients and associates to pinpoint the opportunities that provide the highest return for lowest risk and cost thereby accelerating corporate growth and value. Whether assisting on the initial negotiations, the Letter of Intent, due diligence, interim negotiation, raising capital or the closing documentation, we can participate to enhance the process. Our fees can be success based dependent on the file.